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  1. Judy code
    December 14, 2013 @ 10:19 am

    At the risk of taking over your blog……a few thoughts from Mom. As a parent, when your child is young, you fight the wars for them…..defend them….protect them……hug them…..kiss them…..dry their tears. When they become adults, you have to step back & let them fight their own battles. You can still be there for them but you can’t take leadership. This has been extremely hard for us……trying to balance your need and not smother or interfere when our instinct is to rush in and vanquish the foe. We have watched with tremendous pride as you fight this war and at the same time accomplish so much. We will forever be at the head of your army and gladly give all that we can and all that you need us to give for you to win this battle……for you will win…..xoxoxo


  2. Valerie Stewart
    December 16, 2013 @ 2:49 pm

    Although I knew you had a heart condition, and it was a serious one, I never thought of you as a person with health problems. I was always amazed at your brilliance, your intelligence, your sensitivity, and your unending willingness to take time to help others. And then there is your beauty! It is so easy to forget that you have a bad ticker…..but then I don’t live in your shoes everyday and feel what you feel. I just see this amazing woman live her life in an inspiring and loving way. I concur with your dad. You are NOT defective!
    Please count me as one of your platoon even if we haven’t fought together for a long time. I am in the background, watching and cheering for you. If ever I should be so lucky to step up and be closer to you, I would deem it an honour.
    Love you.


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